I no longer teach group classes. Here are the current Hypnobirthing Class options

Private Classes: These may be done in my office or via phone, Zoom or Face Time, your choice. Private classes are $50/hour or $95 for two hours. Materials (booklet and audio recordings) are an additional $30. 4-6 hours of private hypnobirthing classes are recommended for most people. Generally I recommend 2 hour classes in person and 1.5 hour classes via Zoom.

Video Class Package: Five videos (45-60 minutes each) covers the Foundation of Hypnobirthing and gives you instructions on how to practice. Audio recordings guide you in practice as well as labor. A booklet helps you put the pieces together to use these techniques during your birth. $95 for 5 videos, 11 audio recordings and a hypnobirthing booklet (e-version).

Video Package plus Private Classes: This is the optimal way to prepare. Together we will decide the timing and length of the private classes which will help you personalize these tools and deepen your understanding of the many ways you can use them prior to and during labor and birth. 2-4 hours of private classes are recommended to supplement the video class package above. (Total cost of this option depends on the number of private classes we do.)

Please review your options and let me know when you would like to get started learning this wonderful process! If you would like my suggestions about what would work best for your situation, please drop me a note and we can decide together.

The silver lining of this way of learning hypnobirthing is that you can start as early as you wish in your pregnancy and spread the learning out over time. You will receive benefits in reducing everyday stress from the very first class!


Wellspring does not offer a traditional childbirth class curriculum (a traditional childbirth class curriculum typically covers labor and birth physiology, medical interventions, postpartum and newborn education and a tour of the hospital’s Birthing Center). Often, it is valuable for first time parents to combine the Hypnosis for Birth series with classes from another organization that covers the traditional childbirth class curriculum. There are many of these classes available in different parts of the state. If you would like to take classes that mesh particularly well with Hypnobirthing, check out Birth Journeys classes, where the instructors have knowledge and experience with this approach.

You and Your Baby are Worth It!
Please do not let money stand in the way of a positive birthing experience. Check your insurance for reimbursement of classes. If you would like to use my services and have need of financial assistance, please call or email to discuss sliding scale and other payment options. I would like everyone to have access to these tools.


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