Wellspring Hypnotherapy and EFT Center, in Essex Junction, Vermont, provides a full range of services covering a wide range of topics. It is impossible to make a completely comprehensive list of all the things that can be helped with hypnotherapy and EFT. In fact, there are few things that cannot be improved, at least to some degree, by the use of these tools.

Sometimes we call hypnosis “Trying Easy”, because it helps new behaviors come more naturally and effortlessly. The process is a sort of translation from the conscious mind and the wise mind to the subconscious mind, or automatic pilot. Click on the ‘Model of the Mind’ to see a larger version of this diagram. As you reflect on the different things you think and do in the course of a day, you may notice how many happen automatically. Using hypnosis, you can re-educate your automatic mind whenever an outdated program is no longer serving you.

The services listed here are some of the most often requested issues people have come to Wellspring to address. 


If you have an issue you’d like to discuss before scheduling an appointment, please contact me (Carolyn) by clicking on the link below.  I would love to answer any questions you might have.