Phone sessions with Carolyn are effective and convenient. The FaceTime or Zoom platform allows for a visual connection as well as audio for those who wish. When travel time or personal schedule pose challenges, these remote sessions give you greater flexibility and freedom. No matter where in the world you live, you can benefit from this process, and from Carolyn’s gentle but deep guidance in the process of change. For some people, the comfort of home is an excellent place for relaxing and going on this inner journey. For others home can be distracting or too laden with responsibilities. Let me know if you want help figuring this out. It IS important that you plan for a real “island” of time you can call your own, without interruption, when scheduling a phone session for this important work.

We start with a discussion of your goals, after which we move into “tapping” or EFT which jump starts the process of change.  I will then guide you into a light state of hypnosis as you relax in the comfort of your own home. This is pleasant and safe and you will remain conscious and aware for the whole time. Deep states of hypnosis are not necessary for effective results.

At the end of our session, we will decide if a recording will be a helpful way to reinforce the changes you will be making. If so, I will mail you a CD or email you an mp3 recording.

Generally, it is valuable to do a series of sessions to ensure adequate support and to fine-tune the inner process of change. For many issues, a series of three sessions is ideal. You may pay for a more cost-effective three session series, or simply pay for each individual session. You may send me a check in advance, or pay with credit card in my “Square Store” prior to the session. The cost for a single phone session is $165, including recordings.

The cost for a three session series, including recordings, is $395.