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We begin by talking. The purpose of this part of the session is for me to understand the changes you would like to make, and to answer any questions you might have about hypnosis and EFT tapping. In the second part of the session I show you the EFT tapping points and you decide if it is a tool you like. If so, I will give you some exercises to do at home to help you reach your goals. In the third part of the session you relax in the recliner (or your chosen chair or couch). We begin hypnosis warm up exercises which are simple things like visualizing your pet, or imagining the taste of your morning beverage. In the final part of the session, I talk you through a series of simple exercises to help you attain a comfortable state of hypnosis and begin to lay the foundation for the changes you wish to make. I record this entire section of the session so that you may listen at home to help reinforce these changes. I will email the recording to you on an mp3 file you can use at home, or give it to you on a CD.

The most common way I give recordings to clients is an mp3 recording in the form of a link to my website. This link can be downloaded directly into itunes on a computer. But on an iphone, it can only be listened to from the link. Some other brands of smartphones allow a download to the phone. Other options for the recordings are as follows: CD; Dropbox link; Recording directly onto your device (in that case be sure you know how to work the recording function and that it is fully charged or you bring a power cord).  

You may pay with check, cash or any major credit card.

You will probably feel very relaxed, possibly tired (but still fine to drive), or possibly relaxed, rejuvenated and energized.

Many people are familiar with, and sometimes intimidated by, the antics performed by people as a part of a hypnosis entertainment show. People often wonder if they could be made to do strange or embarrassing things as a result of hypnosis. The result is emphatically no! You are in control at all times and can easily come out of hypnosis if you should wish, at any time. Your mind will only accept those suggestions that are compatible with your beliefs and ethics.

Yes, it is fine if other people listen to your recording. I can also provide you with less personal recordings to share with friends or family.

In the beginning it is helpful to use your personal recording every day or close to that. A convenient time for many people is while they are going to sleep, but any time when you can set aside distractions is great. It is fine if you doze off while the recording is playing.

Please do not use your hypnosis recordings while driving. As we work together, if driving is the best time for you to listen to recordings, I will make you a different sort of recording that CAN be used while driving. But the very first recording you use is meant to take you to a deeper level of hypnosis than is safe while driving. Later on you can benefit from car recordings that are extremely helpful in the process of change.

No. Unfortunately health insurance does not cover hypnotherapy. However, many people are able to use HSA funds for hypnotherapy services. Sometimes you may find a regular psychotherapist who also knows hypnosis techniques. In this case you may be able to receive some hypnosis under the insurance umbrella of psychotherapy.