Young people are usually naturals at understanding and using hypnotherapy and emotional freedom techniques. For many children and teens, the processes we use at Wellspring are more fun and more effective than traditional talk therapy. They learn simple words and acupressure points (EFT) they can use to help them when they are anxious or angry or simply want to feel better. They will go home with a recording tailored to their interests that is fun to listen to and will help them make the changes they wish to make.

The best way for me to help younger children is to have a session with the parent alone, before meeting with the child. This allows me to understand the child more fully, prior to meeting them in person, and will allow the child’s session to go much more smoothly. In this parent-only session, we can speak frankly together and I can coach the parent on how to support these techniques at home.

There is no limit to the issues that can be improved or resolved using hypnotherapy and EFT. I have helped young people with all of the following and more: School problems (shyness, difficulty with peers, trouble concentrating, hyperactivity); Sleep (getting to sleep or returning to sleep; General anxiety; Specific fears (bedtime fears, snakes, spiders, dogs, social situations); Interpersonal challenges (comfort with peers, frustration with parents or siblings, anger issues); Medical and Health issues (digestive problems, headaches, preparing for surgery, side effects of chemotherapy, difficulty taking medicines); Habits (nailbiting, hairpulling, other nervous habits). Please call or e-mail me for more information on your child’s specific challenges.

One of the challenges that can arise in working with young people is if parents want their children to make changes that the children are not interested in making. In general, this scenario is not a recipe for success. In a case like this, sometimes a beginning can be made that will help the process along. For example, if a parent wants a child to stop biting his/her fingernails, but that child doesn’t think it is a problem, hypnosis is not likely to help. However, that same child might be interested in coming in to get help with getting better at soccer. In a session with that child, we could address general self-confidence and calmness in such a way that when the child decides s/he is ready to stop biting fingernails, there will be a strong internal foundation to support that.