Our subconscious mind is like our automatic pilot. Once it is programmed, it continues to do the same thing the same way for the rest of our lives. In general, this is a positive and useful system. It saves us time and thought in the many repetitive activities we do, day in and day out. Showering, dressing, driving, and so many other tasks can be done quickly and smoothly thanks to our “automatic pilot”.

However, when wishing to change a habit, many people get stuck, because the habitual subconscious mind doesn’t respond to their usual approaches to self-improvement. There are times when even a tremendous amount of willpower and a highly logical approach just don’t work.

This is the time to consider hypnotherapy. The subconscious mind, receives information best through this relaxed and creative approach. You could consider that you are re-programming your automatic pilot for a different route. This is why hypnosis is sometimes called “trying easy”.

The habits that can be addressed with hypnotherapy are far ranging. Some are physical habits such as  nail biting, hair pulling, face picking, stuttering, nervous tics or compulsive behaviors. Others are broader, such as procrastination, TV/internet habits, spending habits, etc.  In general I recommend three sessions to address most habit changes.

Read about a full hypnotherapy experience in eliminating the nail-biting habit here.

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