CLASS SYLLABUS for 3 class series (3 hours each)

CLASS 1: Introduction to Hypnosis: Theory and Warm Up Exercises

What is Hypnosis?
Facts & Myths
Changing “Fight or Flight” to the “Relaxation Response”
Imagination;  Door to the Subconscious Mind and Language of the Body
Imagination Warm Up Exercise
“Floppy Arm” and Progressive Relaxation
Special Place Exercise

CLASS 2: Self Hypnosis and Fear Release Process

Noticing personal “anchors” to relaxation and positive inner resources
Creating a personal “Relaxation recipe”
Biofeedback (“Biodots” and physiological changes during deep relaxation)
Partner Practice using a variety of positions
Fear Release Exercise   (Fear Inventory, Call to action, “Serenity Prayer”, “Other side of the coin”)
Creating Personal Affirmations or Positive Blueprints


CLASS 3: Putting it all together

Deepening relaxation to increase comfort
Ice Cube practice
Birth Preferences Discussion
Other Tools and Techniques  (Sound, counterpressure, hip squeeze, water, hot/cold packs)
Birth Visualization

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