Athletes of all ages are fun to work with because they have a high level of motivation to improve in their sport. I have helped people as young as six and as old as 86 to hone their athletic abilities. I have helped casual athletes and professional athletes, and watched people find greater enjoyment and success in baseball, basketball, skiing, shooting, golfing, endurance sports and many others. I do not need to be experienced in your sport for you to reap the benefits of this process. Hypnotherapy is a simple and powerful addition to any training program.

Mental blocks can be uncovered and eliminated, performance pressure can be reduced, and mental focus and consistency can be enhanced. Learning simple self-hypnosis techniques to use before a game or competition gives you the mental edge that allows you to maximize your potential.

If you wish to prepare for your session in advance, it is helpful (but not essential) to write up a brief summary of the obstacles you would like to overcome, and the specific details of skills you would like to improve. Using this as our jumping off point, we will work together to help you to realize your unique and tremendous potential.