Hypnotherapy is the therapeutic use of hypnosis to effect change in a person’s life. Hypnosis itself is a beautiful physical and mental state. It is very useful for balancing the body and the mind and enhancing all the body’s natural healing resources. However, the use of specific suggestions is where the true power of hypnosis lies. These suggestions can be given by a hypnotherapist in a guided session, or by the individual during self-hypnosis.

Here at Wellspring, we spend time talking before each session. We focus on what you want in your life (not what you don’t want) so that we can orient your session in that positive direction. Your session may include:

  • Hypnosis, positive suggestions and imagery designed to give new, helpful information to your subconscious mind (your automatic pilot).
  • Self-hypnosis taught to you so that you have the tools to use at home to strengthen these positive messages of change.
  • Audio tapes of your hypnosis session so that you have yet another tool to use at home to reinforce the changes you are making.
  • Interactive hypnosis, where you participate as we go on a journey back in your life to understand and heal the root of specific problems.
  • The Emotional Freedom Techniques, a simple, powerful mind/body tool using stress relief points to dissolve any negative emotions that may stand in the way of creating the change you desire.

With all of these tools and methods, each is tailored to fit your particular situation and need. Personal attention is paid to your individual circumstances and the unique blend of approaches that will be most effective for you.