The role of the mind in health and healing has been well documented. Hypnotherapy and the Emotional Freedom Techniques are powerful tools that can help with many health issues. Simple techniques of self-hypnosis can lower blood pressure and create other positive changes in the body’s equilibrium, allowing the body’s natural healing mechanisms to become more fully engaged.

Here at Wellspring, I have helped clients reduce chronic pain, including migraines, eliminate anxiety about medical procedures, reduce symptoms of lupus, and side effects of chemotherapy. I would be happy to discuss your medical situation with you, and, with your doctor’s approval, to work with you to complement (not replace) your current medical treatment.

In the area of sexuality, I have helped women and men reconnect to sexual desire and I have helped men with impotence and premature ejaculation. Sometimes additional counseling is helpful for these issues when there are significant relationship challenges, but when the issues are more about the individual (emotionally or physically) than the relationship, hypnotherapy alone can be quite beneficial. Learning to guide the subconscious mind and body in some simple ways through self-hypnosis can be tremendously helpful in adjusting sexual responses.

If you have a health issue I have not mentioned here, I would love to learn more about your circumstances and we can determine together if my services would be of value to you.