“Before taking Carolyn’s class, I was terrified of all medical procedures. Using hypnosis and other tools I learned from her, helped me be calm and confident in the hospital, and to have a more positive birth experience than I ever dreamed possible.” 

“After two traumatic births, my husband and I decided to try a different approach. Using HypnoBirthing, our third baby’s birth was peaceful, quiet and completely pain free.”

“The doctors and nurses couldn’t believe it. They said they had never seen anyone as calm and relaxed through the entire labor and birth.”

“Including the dads the way you did in the class helped me immensely in preparing for the birth. The practice we did together helped us to reach a new level of closeness and connection and allowed me to truly support my wife during our baby’s birth.”

“We gave birth at home and felt that HypnoBirthing was the ultimate tool for creating a positive, natural birthing experience. Our midwife agreed.”


This section of the website features some of the women and couples who have offered to share their birth stories. In reading their personal experiences, I hope you will gain insight into the many ways Wellspring’s services may help make your pregnancy and birth as positive and fulfilling as possible.


A Beautiful First Birth

It has taken the advent of our second child to finally bring me to put down on paper the beautiful story of Julia’s birth. Of course this is a day that I’ve played over and over again in my mind for nearly two years now, an event that always brings a smile to my heart.  Read this story





Seeking a natural birth experience, without medical intervention

I first became interested in hypnosis for birth after hearing about it from a friend in Massachusetts. I was immediately interested, as I had just made a decision at 12 weeks pregnant to deliver my second child in a birthing center where pain medication was not routinely offered or used. Read this story




Patience, Relaxation and Inner Wisdom

The birth of our daughter began at 20 minutes past midnight on a Saturday night in June. We had gone to bed about an hour before, and I was having trouble falling asleep (nothing unusual). We were exactly 42 weeks along, so we were ready! Apart from the stress induced by everyone else’s stress about the baby being “late”, we felt calm and quite confident that this child would come into our world when s/he was ready. For weeks, I had also been feeling very curious about my pending birth experience. I just couldn’t wait to see how it would unfold!  Read this story


Logic and determination

Lisa took my class in October 2000. As a lawyer, she wondered if her active logical mind would be an impediment to using hypnosis. Instead, she used it to her advantage and, with her determination and commitment to using the techniques she learned in class, had a beautiful birth experience, one that she described as “almost pain-free”. Read this story



Overcoming a fear of medical procedures

I first met Carolyn in my first trimester of pregnancy. I was thirty years old and extremely excited about being pregnant with my first child. The only problem was that I am completely terrified of medical procedures. I mean full-blown panic attacks and thinking I would pass out during a simple blood test, a procedure I was recognizing would be one in a long list of medical procedures that were part of a typical pregnancy. Read this story