One of my life missions is to make the world a better place in the ways I am able. Kindness to others is one of my most cherished values. I have come to understand that kindness to others is most powerful and healing when it emanates from a core of kindness, understanding and compassion to oneself.

I have created a website called A Kind Inner Voice. My intention with this website is to spread that simple message and help people to cultivate greater kindness toward themselves.  I hope that you will visit the Kind Inner Voice website to learn and be inspired on your own journey.

This Free Kind Inner Voice Page has resources in the forms of an audio recording and a five part class video. The videos and recordings are all based on hypnotherapy principles. This is what you will find on the “Free Kind Inner Voice Page”:

 “A Garden of Inner Kindness”  is an audio recording that can help you take a break from the stresses of the day and cultivate your own well-being. (25 minutes in length)

Kind Inner Voice Video: Part 1  helps you understand the value of kindness to yourself
Kind Inner Voice Video: Part 2  introduces you to the power of the imagination (a hypnosis warm-up exercise)
Kind Inner Voice Video: Part 3  uses a simple model of the mind to explain the different ways our mind functions. Understanding this process makes change much simpler!
Kind Inner Voice Video: Part 4  takes you through some simple exercises to make small steps toward change. It also introduces EFT or tapping
Kind Inner Voice Video: Part 5  takes you through a simple relaxation exercise