Hypnosis for Birth (often called Hypnobirthing) classes prepare you with skills for labor, birth, and so much more.


* You will learn how to relax deeply, allowing your body to do the work of labor without the interference of body tension or the sorts of ‘fight or flight’ responses that can slow labor or make it more uncomfortable than necessary.

* You will learn how to let your mind rest in a place of calm and trust, that allows the powerful sensations of birth to be powerful without being frightening.

* You will find, as you develop these skills that they are helpful in all areas of your life.

* Partners who attend the classes gain skills that help them be a calm presence through labor and birth and partners will also find these tools help them in other areas of  their lives.

* Hypnosis for Birth classes are taught in small groups (no larger than 10 people) or in private classes. You may also organize a small group that I will teach in your preferred timeline. All classes are taught in my Essex Junction, Vermont office. Long distance classes are available via phone or Skype.

* Hypnosis for Birth classes do NOT cover information that is taught in a traditional childbirth class (stages of labor, medical interventions, tour of birth center). If you take both sorts of classes, you will find very little overlap.

* You can receive a $25 discount on your classes if you sign up for traditional childbirth classes at Birth Journeys and Hypnosis for Birth classes at Wellspring (group classes only).