“Dave” had been smoking cigarettes for 13 years, and prior to that had been a cigar smoker. He had used the “patch” and a nicotine gum unsuccessfully. He was determined to quit, but knew that those two methods weren’t helping with the mental cravings, only the physical. He was currently smoking a pack of cigarettes a day. After a one hour consultation he was surprised at how relaxed and positive he felt as a result of the EFTand a brief hypnotherapy motivational technique.

I knew that Dave was a motivated and determined individual, but was extremely impressed when he came in for his first full length session and told me how he had used the EFT. He had used the technique consistently through the week, whenever a craving for a cigarette arose. He had decreased his smoking level so significantly during the week, that on the day he came in, he had only smoked two cigarettes. He said it had not been difficult. He quit completely after this session.

Dave continued with the program I had outlined: three sessions, to continue to reinforce the new subconscious habits and attitudes, and to help make the changes permanent. He listened to his tapes every night, and used EFT whenever needed. At the second session he reported that he had no further cravings, but still felt the subconscious habit was still there. His job required a lot of driving, and there were certain places he drove past that he found himself reaching for a cigarette (which was not there), or almost automatically turning into a store he had always stopped for cigarettes. We used EFT and specific hypnotic suggestions to help dissolve that habitual response. He also put an “affirmation” card above his visor where he previously kept his cigarettes. An affirmation is simply a subconscious suggestion that can be used in the waking state.

Dave was a very motivated client, who used the tools well. He was naturally responsive to both EFT and hypnosis. He and his wife were pleased with how easy the whole process was, and how many beneficial “side effects” Dave experienced. His wife, who had anticipated Dave would be tense and stressed during the process of quitting, was especially pleased. She found that instead of being tense and grouchy, Dave was more relaxed, positive and upbeat, due to the natural stress reduction of hypnosis and the good feelings about being a successful non-smoker.

If you would like to quit smoking, vaping or chewing, the process is similar to this.