Whether you are struggling with smoking, vaping, or chewing tobacco, hypnosis and the Emotional Freedom Techniques work hand in hand to reduce or eliminate cravings. This powerful combination of techniques has helped many people become free of tobacco and nicotine. Some people who participate in Wellspring’s program find that quitting is a breeze and a joy, requiring very little effort beyond a daily listening of their personal recording. Others find that they need to apply the EFT techniques frequently throughout the day to stay on track during the first few weeks.

One important element in successfully quitting smoking, vaping or chewing is the readiness of the individual. You need to be clear that you want to stop for yourself, not for your doctor, your partner or anyone else. It is normal to have doubts, yet your desire to quit for yourself  will strengthen your commitment to using these tools and allow you to make this important health and lifestyle change. In our first session, I will help you find your own personal power and motivation.

The program is a series of 4 sessions over the course of a month. The first step will be a 2.5 hour session. During this session, we will strengthen your motivation and readiness to quit. I will teach you the Emotional Freedom Techniques and we will do a hypnosis session to lay a foundation for your success.  Together we will plan a timeline and strategies for your successful transition to being a non-smoker. Most people participating in this program use only hypnosis and EFT, to eliminate their tobacco or nicotine habit, but some will benefit from a combination of other therapies (e.g. Wellbutrin, Nicotine replacement, Acupuncture).

Your first session is NOT your quit date. It is a session that lays the foundation for healthy and positive change. Do not smoke, chew or vape for 4 or more hours before coming in for your first session. This allows you to “test drive” the hypnosis and EFT techniques more thoroughly. As everyone has different levels of responsiveness to hypnosis, coming in with strong cravings will give you a realistic idea of how well the techniques will work for you when you quit. You may use tobacco or vape following your first session but you will already be feeling a little different about it. Between your first and second session you will be reducing your use of tobacco or vaping products.

Your second session will usually be your quit date. Your third and fourth sessions will reinforce your new habits and help you sort out any challenges that may arise. Not only are you eliminating a harmful habit through this process, but you are also creating a path of vibrant health and vitality that will make all areas of your life better.





$550 includes

* 8 hours of one-on-one hypnosis, EFT, and coaching

Session #1: Laying the Foundation (2.5 hours)

Session #2: Quit Day (2 hours)

Session #3: Gaining Momentum (1.75 hours)

Session #4: Looking Ahead (1.75 hours)

* Personal recordings designed for your specific style and circumstances

* Additional support, as needed, via email or phone


Payment in full is due at the end of the first session. If you decide after that session you do not want to complete the program, you may simply pay $175 for that initial session.