Our current culture has created problems that barely existed a hundred years ago. We are constantly “hypnotized” to believe on the one hand, that we will be happy if only we eat chips, soda, candy bars, cakes, etc. and on the other hand that we can only achieve true happiness if we attain the body of the models we see in the movies or in magazines. We are inundated with unhealthy messages about food and our bodies from a very early age. It is no wonder that eating disorders and weight problems abound.

In looking at this from the perspective of the hypnotherapist, I see subconscious minds that need significant reeducation. We need to erase the unhealthy messages that are a part of our daily fare, and replace them with the habit of tuning in to the true needs of our bodies. Occasionally this can be a short and easy process. More often, it takes time and commitment and daily use of the tools of self-hypnosis and the Emotional Freedom Techniques.

When working with individuals on changing eating habits and their feelings about their bodies, I have several goals in mind.

  1. Enhancing self-esteem
  2. Helping clients begin to recognize the true needs of their bodies, for nourishment and exercise
  3. Working with the individual to discover the specific messages that will redirect the subconscious mind in a useful and appropriate way (e.g. “I eat less and enjoy life more.” “It is safe for me to feel my feelings rather than numbing myself with food.” “The more I move, the better I feel, and I deserve to feel good.” )
  4. Assisting clients in finding the inner resources that allow them to make the choices that truly serve their bodies

I do not recommend a particular approach to eating or weight loss, but help individuals discover the approach that works best for them.

Each individual is unique, and some will get the results they seek with just a few sessions. Others may do better with ongoing support, and schedule sessions every week or two until they feel confident that they are well on their way.