“Jack” called me for help with biting his fingernails. He was extremely self-conscious about the appearance of his hands and found that much of the time he was biting his nails he was not even aware of it. His story is brief because he experienced a “one session wonder”.  Jack felt terrific and hopeful after his first and only hypnosis session. I usually recommend 2-3 sessions for people who want to stop nail biting. However, Jack felt so good after his first session, his nails beginning to grow in after just a week, that he only did one session.

Nine months later, I got a call from him requesting brochures for his friends. This is the message he left on my machine. “I want you to know that our hypnosis session worked perfectly. I stopped biting my nails right after then. I listened to your tape a couple of times a week, then once a week then once a month. I haven’t listened in a couple of months, but the nails have grown, and I have had no desire to bite them. Your cure worked perfectly.”