Here at Wellspring Hypnotherapy Center, the pregnancy and birth classes are centered around the use of hypnotherapy and related mind/body techniques. Using hypnosis recordings during pregnancy makes for a calmer, more comfortable pregnancy and birth experience. These techniques can have far reaching benefits in all areas of life. Pregnant women can take these classes in private or group classes, with or without a partner. Check out the choices below and contact Carolyn if you would like help sorting through the options.

Early Pregnancy Class (private classes only)
Learn simple techniques that will be good for you and good for your baby throughout pregnancy. Get help with physical and emotional challenges you may encounter (nausea, worries, sleep problems, etc.). You will receive a recording to use at home.
Fee: $95 for a 2 hour class

Hypnosis for Birth Foundation Class
This class gives a foundation in hypnosis theory and experiential exercises. Take this as a stand-alone class or follow up with one or two private sessions to tailor these tools to your personal style and situation. Class size limited to 10 participants.
Fee: $85 includes all recordings (partners attend at no additional cost)

Hypnosis for Birth Full Class Series
The three class series focuses on the inner journey of birth, and hypnosis techniques that facilitate an easier birth experience. Birth physiology and the “outer experience” of birth is addressed only briefly. The series is valuable for both mothers-to-be and their partners. The recordings that are included with the class help parents fine-tune their ability to relax and be comfortable in a wide variety of situations. Many people find reduced stress and improved perspective in their work, relationships and other aspects of their lives as they develop these simple mind/body communication skills. Class size limited to 10 participants.
Three Class Syllabus
Fee: $195 includes all recordings (partners attend at no additional cost)
$170 if taken in conjunction with the Birth Journeys Childbirth Class Series

Private Classes
In private classes we tailor the hypnosis and other tools to your style and situation.  I will often create a personal recording based on what works best for you. Each class is two hours in length. The amount of classes you do depends on your past experiences, needs and preferences. Two or three private classes are often sufficient to become comfortable and experienced with the techniques.
Fee: $125 for your first class (includes materials)
$ 95 for subsequent classes

Private Sessions
Sometimes people have fears or issues specific to them that may not be specifically addressed in a group class. This could range from a fear of blood or medical procedures, to a previous birth experience, to other traumatic events such as sexual abuse that may have an influence on your feelings about pregnancy, labor and birth. Often these can be significantly improved through one or more private sessions.
Fee: $95 for a two hour private session related to birth preparation
For people talking a full class series, private sessions are available at a reduced rate.



Wellspring does not offer a traditional childbirth class curriculum (a traditional childbirth class curriculum typically covers labor and birth physiology, medical interventions, postpartum and newborn education and a tour of the hospital’s Birthing Center). Often, it is valuable for first time parents to combine the Hypnosis for Birth series with classes from another organization that covers the traditional childbirth class curriculum. There are many of these classes available in different parts of the state.

I have partnered with the Birth Journeys group, in Burlington to create a “combination class” option, allowing you to take both the traditional and the Hypnosis for Birth class series at a reduced cost. If you sign up for both the Birth Journeys childbirth class series AND the Wellspring Hypnosis for Birth 3-class series you will receive a $25 discount on each registration, for a $50 total discount. You will need to sign up for each class series separately.

Should I take Traditional Classes, Hypnosis for Birth Classes or Both?
Follow this link for my thoughts on that excellent question!