Welcome to Hypnobirthing!

To get a feel for the Hypnosis for Birth Video Package, please watch this short video



Class #1

Hypnosis Theory

Floppy Arm Relaxation Exercise

Warm-up Kitchen Exercise

Hypnosis Practice


Class #2

Setting Intentions

Eye Gazing

Creating your personal hypnosis recipe

Practice in different labor positions

Fight or Flight & Relaxation Response

Cancel Cancel Technique


Class #3

Expectations for Labor & Birth

Birth Preferences

Ice Cube Practice

Fear Release Exercise

Medical interventions


Birth Visualization

The Hypnosis for Birth Video Class Package Includes:

* Over 5 hours of class videos
* A companion e-booklet to help guide you in your practice
* Audio recordings for practice
* Audio recordings for labor and birth
* Audio recordings to help with breastfeeding and sleep after your baby is born