I am following the State of Vermont Covid 19 guidance, and adapting as the situation changes, here in Vermont. As of April 1, 2021, I am offering sessions either in my office (wearing masks and following social distance and disinfecting precautions) or remotely via Zoom or phone.

I (Carolyn) have been working with people around the globe for the last two decades via phone, FaceTime and Zoom platforms and I will continue to do so through this difficult time of the coronavirus pandemic. All Wellspring services are available remotely and allow you to develop new skills and new approaches to work through whatever challenges you are facing in your life. This is just as effective from the comfort and safety of your own home as it is within the office setting. All you need is a place where you will not be interrupted and a comfortable chair, couch or bed in which to relax.

We begin with a conversation about your goals, which may be about inner challenges (anxiety, worry, anger, or other thought/emotional patterns that you would like to change), physical challenges (weight, insomnia, health issues, disabilities and others), or behavioral challenges (things you do that you wish you did not… we all have them!). I teach you some simple techniques to help ‘jiggle’ the old patterns. We do warm up exercises that help you become comfortable with the building blocks of hypnosis. The hypnosis over the phone is a light state where you will be aware at all times. The hypnosis recordings you receive from me after your session will take you to deeper states.

Here is more information about remote sessions and how they work.

Please contact me with any questions about how this process might work for you! I am happy to do a free 20 minute consultation via phone, FaceTime or Zoom to help you decide if it will be of value to you at this time.