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“With the power of my mind, I can do anything I want to.” Mark Mcguire, Home Run Champion.

It is becoming well known that to truly excel in any sport requires more than a simple physical approach. Hypnotherapy is a tremendous asset to those athletes who feel they are not realizing their full potential.

Mental blocks can be uncovered and eliminated, performance pressure can be reduced or eliminated, and mental focus and consistency can be enhanced. Learning simple self-hypnosis techniques you can use before a game or competition gives you the mental edge that allows you to maximize your potential.

You can accelerate your progress by writing up a brief summary of the obstacles you would like to overcome, and the specific details of skills you would like to improve. Using this as our jumping off point, we will work together to help you to realize your unique and tremendous potential.

Wellspring clients have dramatically improved performance in baseball, shooting, golfing, and endurance sports, however any athlete will benefit from these same techniques.