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Many people have jobs or hobbies requiring that they speak in front of large or small groups. For some this is a joy, and they are natural leaders and entertainers. They look forward to their opportunity to have all eyes on them and the undivided attention of everyone in the room. For others, the thought of standing in front of a group to speak creates discomfort and awkwardness or downright terror.

There are many different aspects to public speaking that can be enhanced with the techniques you will learn at Wellspring. We usually begin with dissipating fears. Often it takes only one session for an individual to experience a significant reduction in anxiety prior to and during a group presentation. EFT is especially useful for many people and a technique they can use in any challenging situation that might arise. For some, this is all that is needed. Others may wish to go on to enhance their skills even more.

Certain aspects of speaking require study and practice to refine. For excellent guidance in developing these areas, check out your local Toastmasters group (www.toastmasters.org). Other aspects can be improved through hypnosis. The subconscious mind files away information about everything we have ever seen, heard or experienced. Thus we have within us a wealth of resources that could make each and every one of us a more dynamic presenter. All we need to do is to direct our subconscious mind to these resources through the use of hypnosis. Learning simple self-hypnosis techniques to use before a presentation can help you remain calm, clear and focused.