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Hypnosis & hypnotherapy
what is hypnosis
what is hypnotherapy
will I do embarrasing things
maximizing results
Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)
Smoking cessation
Freedom from insomnia
Freedom from fears
Eliminating unwanted habits
Positive eating and body image
Confidence in public speaking
Pregnancy & birth
Medical support
Sports enhancement
Personal growth
Children and teens
Phone Sessions
About your hypnotherapist
Directions to Wellspring
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Recordings are mp3 files and can be copied to CD or played with any mp3 player.

If you are on Windows right-click and choose download (or save file, or save linked file - depending on your browser) to download recordings, or click on a recording to play (may not play on all systems and browsers).

On a Mac using Safari Option-Click will start the download, or Control-Click and select "Dowload Linked File".

Garden Relaxation (mp3)


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